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Bansuri ("Bans" means bamboo, "suri" means "swar" or notes) has its place in Indian mythology and tradition through time. What makes the Bansuri or the Bamboo Flute stand aside is that it is a plant/ vegetable origin. The bansuri is a transverse (side-blown) bamboo flute from northern India and it is one of the world's most ancient instruments.

Bansuri construction is a complex art. The bamboo suitable for making a bansuri needs to possess several qualities. It must be thin walled and straight with a uniform circular cross section and long internodes.

The meditative, quiet, dedicated, yet serene sound of the Bansuri gives it a special place in our lives. Bansuri often tends to relax and reduce stress, clears your mind and makes one cheerful. It tends to increase imagination and improves your concentration making people around you pleased and thus, improves your problem solving skills.

It also benefits by exercising your lungs, hands, and fingers. It is like free sonic therapy session and yet behind this seemingly simple instrument, there lies the magic of generations of skilled hands of playing and making over the thousand years to give it true expression.

Lastly, if you have never played a wind instrument before, considering a trainer can be quite beneficial since playing bansuri can be a very difficult and frustrating task to begin with but you must keep trying, be patient and above all do not give up.

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