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Stage Performance


Being a professional clown is much more than just putting on a red nose. It is an art and takes years of practice to perfect. Learning this art helps students gain better control and awareness of their physical presence onstage (and off!) and learn how to utilize movement, gesture, and silence to build confidence, encourage quick thinking, develop creativity, and improve public speaking skills. They also learn the history of clown through practice and exploration of classic routines. Clowning directs energized kids towards creative ends, helps shy individuals ?come out of their shells,? makes better listeners, offers an environment of joy and playfulness combined with discipline, and taps into a long and storied tradition of performance that is truly inspiring.

To be able to clown well one has to have the ability to make fun of them and have a great sense of humour along with the passion of making people laugh. However it is also essential to comprehend the rules to be a trained professional clown to be able to act professionally and appropriately as there runs a high risk of being bad wrapped that clowns can get from Hollywood movies and ways to avoid falling into that stereotypes. Therefore seeking professional help is very essential to excel the art of clowning.

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