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Stage Performance


Stand-up comedy is a comic style in which a comedian performs in front of a live audience, usually speaking directly to them. The performer is commonly known as a comic, stand-up comic, stand-up comedian, or simply a stand-up. There is a science to crafting a good bit and delivering a one-liner that sets off a roar of laughter from the audience. Humour may be a universal language, but a good comedian understands some topics are off limits. It all depends on the audience and setting.

A professional trainer can therefore help you improve your sense of humour while sharing some of the tricks of the trade. Many of those tricks have been borrowed or passed down from some of the best comedians. Timing and delivery are important, but it all starts with writing good material. Seeking professional help to learn the art of comedy will also improve your public speaking skills. Comedy is also an art of expression which is to say, Comedy gets its power from the audience?s ability to identify with you and your material. When you don?t express yourself, you?re just saying words on a stage.

The more unique you are as a comedian the more successful you?re going to be in the long-run. Once you meet a minimum standard of quality, uniqueness becomes much more important to your success. Comedy classes are excellent ways of learning the mechanics of comedy. What?s so valuable about a comedy class is that they?ll teach you things you never even thought to ask. Comedy teachers and comedy coaches excel at taking new comedians and teaching them many of the tools and strategies they?ll need for success.

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