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Conga drums have their roots in West Africa and evolved into their present form in Cuba where they are most often called Tumbadoras. Today, the term conga is widely accepted to refer to an entire family of instruments that are used in a variety of musical styles, from authentic, traditional Latin and World music to popular, contemporary forms such as Jazz, Rock and Hip-Hop/R&B.

There are no specific pitches, scales or intervals that are universally recognized as the only ways to tune congas. Each player often finds his or her signature ?sound? by listening to the way more experienced players tune their instruments. The tuning may also vary depending on the style of music being played, how many drums are being used at once, the physical space and the player?s preference. Some players, especially studio percussionists, do tune to specific pitches or key centers and intervals (often combinations of Thirds, Fourths or even Fifths).

The main goal is to create a musical sound that is true to the nature of the instrument and that works within the context of the music in which it is being played. However learning under trainer will give beginning drummers an overview of the instrument as well as the fundamental skills needed to start playing while also motivating them to continue drumming in the future.

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