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Darbukaalso known as doumbek (or tumbak), or derbeki, is a Middle Eastern percussion instrument. The goblet-shaped single headed hand-drum is an ancient drum. The darbuka is considered to be the leader of percussion instruments in the Middle East. The origin of darbuka has its roots in the Oriental music, where distinctive rhythms are quite common. However, in the latter years, Darbuka made its way into Western music.

Authentic darbukas are homemade and are made of clay or wood with goat skin stretched over the top using rope, leather thongs or nails. Contemporary versions of darbuka may also use aluminum or copper with synthetic fibres for the drumming surface. Since the instrument has a long history of being used for belly-dancing music in the Middle East, it is also referred to as the belly dance drum.

Although, every musical instrument has its own language and every percussion instrument has its own specific bol. This language consists of different strokes.. Each stroke has its own set of technicalities which a musician must imbibe to create certain rhythm. A trainers guidance and support may be needed to ensure the kind of darbuka they want. Picking the correct one is as important as playing it. Each one has unique notes and sound. The sound of the Turkish Darbuka will be significantly different from that of an Arabian one.

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