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Death Metal Vocal

Death metal vocals also known as growls is a vocalisation style (an extended vocal technique) usually employed by vocalists of the death metal music genres, but also used in a variety of heavy metal styles. Death metal, in particular, is associated with growled vocals. Death metal, which tends to be lyrically and thematically darker and more morbid than thrash metal, features vocals that attempt to evoke chaos, death, and misery by being usually very deep, guttural, and unintelligible.

Growls can be obtained with various voice effects, but the effects are usually used to enhance rather than create, and are seldom used at all. Voice teachers teach different techniques, but long-term use will still take its toll if done incorrectly - these techniques are designed to reduce rather than eliminate harm. The techniques usually involve using the diaphragm and air pressure on the throat to form the sound, similar to forms of overtone singing.

As a person tries to squeeze their throat, the sound gets less intense (usually used for higher growls/screams to decrease tension on chords) Some vocalists tend to use too much pressure on their throats and thus have vocal cord problems/defects thus one needs the right guidance and instructions to avoid issues of vocal folds.

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