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Enamel Painting

Enamel paint is paint that air dries to a hard, usually glossy, finish, used for coating surfaces that are outdoors or otherwise subject to hard wear or variations in temperature; it should not be confused with decorated objects in "painted enamel", where vitreous enamel is applied with brushes and fired in a kiln. Typically the term "enamel paint" is used to describe oil-based covering products, usually with a significant amount of gloss in them, however recently many latex or water-based paints have adopted the term as well.

Enamel painting includes intricate detailing like molding, and because their paints ensure glossy finish highlights imperfections, you need to use a high-quality brush. For applying oil-based enamel, use a black china bristle brush. Synthetic bristles work better for water-based enamels. It is best to avoid foam brushes and rollers. 

For beginners it is crucial that the surface be prepared and cleaned thoroughly prior to applying the primer and that any old paint be removed. It is also important that the paint be thoroughly stirred immediately prior to application. Thus it is essential to imbibe the correct technique and the essential details regarding enamel painting from a professional trainer who holds significant experience in the domain of art.

Since painting allows children to express their creativity and have fun. Developing a skill like enamel painting provides the stimulus children need to be successful in all aspects of life.

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