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French Horn

The French horn or sometimes called just ?horn? is a member of the brass family. As with all brass instruments, the sound is produced by buzzing the lips into a mouthpiece. The French horn is a beautiful sounding instrument but beginners should proceed with caution. Due to the way a horn is constructed, it is more difficult for young students to play the correct notes.

The French horn can be a great beginning instrument for someone with some music background and the ability to match pitches correctly. The student should be able to sing in tune in order to know when they are playing the correct pitches on their horn. The French horn is played with the left hand on top of the instrument with the first three fingers resting on the valves. Some French horns also have fourth valve for the thumb. The right hand should rest against the top portion of the bell.

As students advance they will learn how to place the right hand inside the bell for a beautiful sound. Students can start on a double if they are fairly certain they will be playing the horn for a while and if they have lots of music background. Virtually all advanced students and professional players perform on a double horn. Most beginning students move to a double horn as early as their second year of band. Lastly, some professional training will help with some practical care and maintenance tips for your horn, as well as some basic guidelines for creating a practice routine.

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