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Harmonium free-reed keyboard is an instrument that creates sound when wind sent by foot-operated bellows all the way through a pressure-equalizing air reservoir makes the metal reeds screwed over slots in metal frames to tremble through the frames with close up tolerance.

There are no pipes; pitch is determined by the size of the reed. Separate sets of reeds provide different tone colours, the quality of the sound being determined by the characteristic size and shape of the tone chamber surrounding each reed of a given set; constricted chambers, for instance, induce powerful vibration and incisive tone.
Volume is controlled by a knee-operated air valve or directly from the bellows pedals by an expression stop that allows the wind supply to bypass the reservoir. The instrument?s compass is normally four to five octaves.

For playing harmonium, a sitting position must be followed which should be a standard sitting position where the harmonium is placed on the ground. A right handed player uses the right hand for the keys and the left hand for pumping the bellows. It is the most preferred position in India.

Many beginners to the harmonium do not know how to work with changing the scale and the chance of breaking it is very high. Therefore a trainer can teach you how to operate the harmonium, before you learn anything to play it.

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