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Jazz Vocal

Vocal jazz or jazz singing is an instrumental approach to the voice, where the singer can match the instruments in their stylistic approach to the lyrics, improvised or otherwise, or through scat singing; that is, the use of non-morphemic syllables to imitate the sound of instruments. It is not essential to have an amazing vocal range or technique to sing jazz, which makes it great if you've never sung before.

Thus, singing jazz standards is about exploring the unique qualities of your voice and learning how to personalise a song. Your jazz singing voice should be a natural extension of your speaking voice. The freedom to loosen up the rhythm of a song spontaneously to add intensity is one of the joys of singing jazz.

However, with practice just as a child develops their ability to articulate ideas, over time you will learn to phrase in a way that will be recognizable as jazz.
Lastly, seeking professional help from a trainer will help you develop yourself in a particular style which would be immensely beneficial. With the right songs and some practice, you can quickly learn how to sing jazz well.
Use your new skills to blow people?s minds with your singing. No matter where you take your jazzy abilities, remember the number one rule for singing, which is to enjoy the process.

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