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Light Singing (Bhajan)

Bhajan is a type of Indian Devotional Music and has its groundwork in the Hymns found in Samaveda - One of the Four Indian Vedas and came into practice after the bhakti movement. 'Bhaj' means worship or to serve or adore, so when bhajan singers, bhakts or worshipers sing bhajan they express their love or adoration for God through singing bhajans or bhakti sangeet therefore the teachings of saints and descriptions of Gods have all been the subject of bhajans.

Tulsidas, Surdas, Meera Bai, Kabir are some of the medieval age devotees or bhakti geet sangeet singers. Thus, now a bhajan can be as simple as a mantra, Sanskrit sloka, spiritual chant, a simple prayer or a plain Indian temple aarti or a kirtan or it may be as sophisticated as the drupad or kriti as bhajan singing can be now based on Indian ragas and taalas.

Therefore a trainer can help you teach the art and technique of singing Indian Hindi Bhajans - Devotional music form and the devotional singing in Indian regional languages to the vocal music students in a non - competitive, dedicated and disciplined manner following the well-known, age old 'Guru - shishya parampara' (Gurukul, Indian Teacher - disciple system).

A Bhajan singing - Devotional vocal music training would ensure you learn about the finer techniques of classical and light classical Bhajan singing with complete knowledge of the origin, development and history of Bhajan singing, contribution and work of noted bhajan singing artists, bhakti sangeet movement, different forms of bhajans, along with the bhajans related to the bhakti singers and composers (Medieval age devotees) of India, bhajans related to the Indian Hindu Gods like Ram bhajans, Krishna bhajans, Shiv bhajans etc., basics and advanced learning of how to sing bhajans during solo, group performances, music competitions etc.

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