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Few percussionists possess the distinction of being recognised by their beats. The tradition of Odissi Mardal is an ancient one and it is as old as the Carnatic Mridangam and Hindustani Pakhawaj. The musical instruments used in Odissi classical songs and dance which are called Tal-vadya are mainly made of leather and this Tal- vadya is popularly called as Mardal. As like the use of Mrudangam is important in Carnataki -classical music.

Mardal is also one these TalVadya instruments which has of much importance in Odissi classical music. The Mardal instrumental music has much importance in the group musical performance and the instrument occupies a distinct position in the classical music, semi-classical music and light music. It can be said undoubtedly that Mardal instrument came into being along with the Odissi music.

Till now Mardala is played mostly as an accompaniment of Odissi dance. Solo Mardala playing has not yet been very popular as stage performance. The melodious sounds of Mardal accompanied with the rhythmic Chhandas of Odissi dance has appealed and enchanted a lot of people across the world.

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