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Metal Guitar

Metal Guitar is a genre of music that stemmed from rock in the late 70's. Today, there are many sub-genres of heavy metal that share similarities and differences. Guitars in heavy metal are almost always distorted and are often down tuned. A major element of heavy metal is the use of power chords.

Standard tuning of a guitar is (from the thickest string to the thinnest) E,A,D,G,b,e. Some genres of metal would include Progressive metal, Death metal, Doom metal, Black metal, Grindcore, Speed metal, Thrash metal, alternative/ Groove metal and Metalcore.

Therefore given the above mentioned variance a good private guitar instructor, will always keep your needs and requirements on the top, and be able to tailor the course-work and the practice sessions according to your specific requirements. She/he will be able to personalize the learning process.

If you are inspired by Metallica, and want to play like Hammett, a guitar teacher will know that your interests in Thrash Metal, and this information would allow him to customize the course for you. Above all, the interaction will allow him/her to design the program based on your level of skills and proficiency.

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