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Slide Guitar

Slide guitar is a particular method of playing the guitar also known for its technique. The term slide refers to the movement of the slide along the strings. As an alternative to altering the pitch of the strings in the normal manner (by pressing the string against frets), an object called a "slide" is placed upon the string to vary its vibrating length, and pitch. This slide can then be moved along the string without lifting, creating smooth transitions in pitch and allowing wide, expressive vibrato.

Sometimes it takes a little guidance to open up the door to new vistas in guitar playing. A guitar teacher will allow you to develop a warm-up regime.

Most beginner guitarists don't know the importance of warming up which is not just essential for slide guitar but for any other kind of guitar, otherwise they reach a point in their lives that this starts to become more of a problem (thanks to back/neck/finger pains, RSI, etc.), and they eventually would be forced to stop playing.

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