Benefits for Trainers


Dare to be different

Trainers of specialized art forms are unable to find enough Learners for their skill, thereby limiting the overall growth of their skill set. With TrainerTree, Trainers of specialized art forms can reach a larger Learner base.

Talent over reference

Trainers tend to loose clientele while relocating as they find it difficult to find Learners due to lack of references in the new establishment. Our non-referral based system allows you find eager Learners close to your new location.

Credibility counts

New Trainers, eager to teach, can build detailed profiles at TrainerTree thereby increasing their credibility in the fastest way possible. Our platform allows Trainers to introduce themselves to a pool of interested Learners from day one.

Customize Classes

Trainers can now customize their classes according to student batches for beginners, intermediary and advance levels, and still be able to fill up each class.

Trainer Profiles

Be it individual Trainers or Trainers affiliated to institutes, our platform helps create profiles that can make you stand out from the crowd and garner a host of interested Learners.

TrainerTree = Less Distance + Less Time

The 'Pin Code' search system allows Learners to view Trainers around their locality, saving the Trainer's travelling time and distance.

Know Your Rating

TrainersTree acts a progress chart with a review and rating system thereby allowing Trainers to work on their strengths and weaknesses according to the feedback given by their Learners.

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