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It is a curved, hollow metal tube, a trumpet begins with a mouthpiece at the narrow end and ends with a flared bell at the opposite end. The bell of the trumpet projects sound. Trumpet players press or release three valves to play different notes. As a player blows into the trumpet, the valves direct the air through small pieces of extra tubing to produce different notes. Though it may sound easy, playing a trumpet can be a challenge because you must learn how to properly blow into it which is very complex and one might need some professional help.

To play a trumpet, you must purse your lips tightly together and let them vibrate as you blow. If that?s not complicated enough, you also need to move your tongue at the same time. Though it may sound somewhat unpleasant, caring properly for a trumpet requires the player to occasionally empty the water that builds up inside.
As you play a trumpet, moisture from your breath condenses inside the instrument. As this happens, it may begin to sound like its gurgling. Pressing the ?water key? allows the moisture to drip out.
A professional trainer can direct you the ways to change the pitch with the lip muscles, it is very essential for playing the trumpet.

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